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Lets protect our forests short essay

Lets protect our forests short essay

lets protect our forests short essay

Forest protect from Flood and famines. Forest reduces the soil erosion by stopping the flow of water and reducing its speed. The forest helps us to save the environment and that ensures us as a safe and sustainable environment. ecosystem It helps a lot in the creation of oxygen and inhales carbon dioxide  · Eat foods which are organic and grown locally as this helps to limit clearance of forests for agricultural purposes. Purchase already used furniture. This helps reduce deforestation for purposes of making furniture. You can teach people the importance of forest conservation and condemn acts which lead to the destruction of our forests So, it is a serious need to protect our forests if we want to save the mankind. There are various measures that should be adopted to conserve the are given below- ➡Afforestation, i.e., planting more and more trees. ➡We should organise various educational programmes in our society to make people aware about saving forests

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Today there is a need to generate a massive public awareness and concern to save our forests. we must reduce the use of wood to an absolute minimum.

By saving forest we can give a better future to our coming generation. Below we are providing few essay on save forest which very general topic your child may get in their school essay competition.

So enhance the knowledge of your kid on how important these forests are. Essay on Save Forest Words Why it is needed to protect forests? So next time think twice before wasting paper. Many interdependent species of plants and animals lives beneath the forest canopy, the forest soil is a home to large variety of bacteria and fungi, which play an essential role in nutrients in the soil and the forest. The cutting of trees is creating many problems in the surroundings, and it is important that everyone become actively involved in protecting forests.

The survival of the rich generation of flora and fauna has come under threat as a result of exploitation of forests. Deforestation results in loosening of soil and the upper layer of fertile earth is eroding, which is resulting in uncontrolled flooding when it rains.

In addition, erosion is seriously effecting agricultural production. We would reduce the cutting of trees to least. If we are building a house we will make sure to use the least amount of wood, lets protect our forests short essay.

Like instead of using wood for the frames of new houses, use metal frames. A tree is beautiful, it has a right to life; like water, sun and stars and it is important part of human life. Life on earth is inconceivable without trees. So be careful and save forests. Essay on Save Forest words Forests are very important to the environment because they consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They also give shelter and food to various plants and animals.

Forests are fundamental to humanity. They give us wood, raw materials, increase underground water supply and humidity of air, prevent floods and soil erosion, and offer a shelter to the wildlife, control air pollution. On a high sunny day a large elm tree gives off vapor equal to gallons of water.

According to a UN report, rain forests are destroyed to a large extent. Man has lets protect our forests short essay off trees without paying any attention to the destruction he is causing to his own life.

Hillsides have stripped off its vegetation cover in the Himalayas that are major reasons for the avalanches, earthquakes and landslides. Deforestation not only affect the natural beauty of earth but also affect the ecological balance. Trees have been cutting down for many personal reasons but the main reasons are to make space to build new houses, buildings, malls etc.

Forest are also been cutting to clear land to grow grass for cows and sheep to eat, to produce dairy foods, lets protect our forests short essay.

The trees which are falling down are used in making paper and furniture. Cutting down trees can have serious effect. If the shelter of animals gets destroyed, many species will become extinct.

Deforestation also affects the climate. When rain falls on forest, new clouds formed but when large areas of trees will fall down, clouds will not form, rain does not fall and the land becomes drier.

The CO2 will increase in atmosphere and adds to the global warming which is making the Earth hotter. So we can save our earth by planting trees faster than they are cutting down. We can help to save forests by reusing and recycling paper. Essay on Save Forest words So far as human knowledge life exists only on this planet.

So It is our duty to take of earth and forests plays a very important role in a developing country like India that has a burden of enormous population pressure, poverty, water and air pollution and still trying to carry out ambitious development project needs no elaboration. But we are continuously exploiting our natural resources like forest. The consequences of such reckless use of trees and other natural resources would be disastrous.

Over the past decade, more and more attention must paid, all over the world, to forests, lets protect our forests short essay, on which human life depends and the maintenance of forest is now increasingly being considered as lets protect our forests short essay for humanity.

What forests are actually means? Are they just large areas of land covered with trees? No, a forest is much more than just trees. It also includes smaller under growing plants like mosses, shrubs, bushes and flowers as well as it includes many kinds of birds, insects and other animals, who make their homes in the forests. Forests always play an importance role human beings survival. Prehistoric people found their food mainly in forest by hunting animals and by gathering wild fruits, lets protect our forests short essay.

With the development of civilization, people settled in towns and cities. But they still went to the forests in search of timber and to hunt. And still, people depend on forests for their economic value, their environmental value and the valued culture and recreation. Forests are the main source of many useful products such as wood, gum, various fats, oils etc. In some tribal society, forest plants and animals are food for some people.

We cannot deny them of their food. The structure of a forest has a display on its access on noise effect. If a 50 m wide park can reduce the lets protect our forests short essay noise by 20 lets protect our forests short essay 30 decibel. Forests thus provide indirect protection against noise. A large area of a forest having broad-leafed trees can collect about 30 to 50 tons of dust, thus, forests protect us from noise as well as air pollution.

As long as forests exist, people can use forest products. Forests also regulate the climate directly. Lets protect our forests short essay are home to many plants and animals that can live nowhere else. By eliminating these forests, we are not only destroying our future, but theirs as well. Continuous destruction of forest is often a symptom of social unrest.

Large numbers of poor landless families move into the forests and cut the trees and use land for growing crops. In the commercial timber industry, trees are also fallen down for export. Leave a comment Cancel reply Comment Name Email Website.

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lets protect our forests short essay

 · Why should we protect our forests? BECAUSE, forests give us more that half our oxygen, and without oxygen, we couldn’t survive. So think about that next time your wasting paper. I Essay on let's protect our forest Ask for details ; Follow Report by Yousuf30 Log in to add a comment Forest protect from Flood and famines. Forest reduces the soil erosion by stopping the flow of water and reducing its speed. The forest helps us to save the environment and that ensures us as a safe and sustainable environment. ecosystem It helps a lot in the creation of oxygen and inhales carbon dioxide

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